Lexington DPW

The Lexington Village DPW is staffed by highly qualified persons holding required licensing where the position or work skill requires it. Equipment and facilities is state of the art and is well maintained. Many years of experience aid the staff to accomplish more than competent performance. Fresh water is available in your containers at the water works location.

The Lexington Water Department, besides delivering pure, treated water to the residents within the village limits, pumps the same water, sixteen miles north and south to customers, servicing the residents of Worth and Sanilac Townships located along the M-25 corridor.




  • WTP Plant Manager - Chris Heiden - 810-359-5901 Emergency 810-404-0625
  • WTP Operator - Mickey Bender
  • WTP Operator - Gary Miller
  • DPW Manager - Jerry Scott - 810-359-8536 Emgergency 810-334-4382
  • Utilities Operator - Chester Whitebread
  • Utilities Operator - Lino Mendoza