Village of Lexington, MI Fire Dept.

FRONT ROW:  Officers J. Biskner, Dan Murphy, Steve Hrbcek, Keefe Radtke, Mike Harder, Jim Johnson


Municipal Department
Public Safety - Fire Department


  • Fire Chief - Keefe Radtke
  • Assistant Chief - Mike Harder
  • Captain - Jim Johnson
  • LT Treasurer - Jake Biskner
  • Medical - Dan Murphy
  • Secretary - Julie Dickinson
  • Lieutenant - Steve Hrbcek

TORNADO WARNING SIGNALS In the spring, we experience a county-wide tornado drill. Many people cannot remember which siren represents the “warning” and “all clear”. A tornado WATCH: Means conditions are favorable for a tornado. No siren is sounded. 1ST Siren – WARNING: One long whistle (3 minutes). Means that a tornado has been spotted – TAKE COVER. 2ND Siren – ALL CLEAR: A normal whistle (wavering) lasting one minute.