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Mobile Home Park Manager

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Village of Lexington will offer tenants purchasing a new mobile or bringing in an approved mobile utilizing an empty lot will be eligible for free rent, excluding water, sewer, and garbage for six months.  Tenants will be responsible for the payment of water, sewer and garbage at the of $45.44 per month and required to pay a security deposit equal to the amont of rent.  This offer is good through December 31, 2017.


The Lexington North Shores  is located just north of the Lexington light.  It is across from the post office off of M-25.  The park has a club house and 1100 feet of beautiful beach for your use on Lake Huron.
Persons interested in residing in the Lexington North Shores  full time should click on the links below for more information and/or an application.  You can also contact the Lexington North Shores  Office in person or  by phone.  Rates and vacant locations will be available at the time of contacting the MHP office.

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Mobile Home Park Advisory Board Committee

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Trustee - Ed Jarosz
Trustee - Scott Beardslee
Trustee - Margaret Twigg
Trustee - Barbara Schultz

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Additional Lexington North Shores Info

Park Rules & Regs 07-01-16    (click here)
Park Application    (click here)
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